Sissy slave contracts

Sissy slave contracts

Are you a sissy slave that needs to be on a contract? Time to sign your life and freedom away to Mistress, you will obey every word that Mistress on this contract or the contract will become a blackmail sissy contract.Before i go on to talk about sissy slave contracts below i will state clearly here that there is many different types of slave contracts so before you jump into a live video chat with a mistress be sure that you are able to carry out your end of the contract or you may find yourself in a lot of trouble with the Mistress. The Mistresses listed below are all looking for sissy slave contracts 

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Sissy maid contracts on live cam. From Blackmail contracts to chastity contracts be sure to enter here now

So let’s begin!

Blackmail Contracts

This is where a Mistress will do one of many things, she will either manage to get some personal information from you and use it against you if you do not do as she says.

Some Mistresses will take pictures of you  or videos of you and threaten to post them online .

Some Mistresses will do Team viewer cam shows with you and enter inside your pc and take personal information.

The list is endless and it is not for the faint hearted. Some Mistresses can be very brutal with this. They will get everything and use it against you so you have to comply with everything you will sign a blackmail contract to stat you agree.

Financial domination

Financial domination is another risky are to get into where a Mistress will bleed you dry and ruin you. A mistresses goal here is to cause devastation to you, drain you of every penny you make. She will make demands of you . Financial domination contracts can sometimes be coupled with blackmail scenario.

I have to admit all Mistresses love paypigs,human atm and cashcows. If you are looking for a demanding Mistress who is demanding and greedy then try this out. It is highly addictive.

Sissy slave Contracts

Mistress will make a lifestyle contract for sissy slaves where they must agree to everything in it

from eating, washing sleeping shopping, spending. The whole idea behind it is you are no longer in control of your own life.

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